Station South

An Ode To Cycling – A Crowdsourced Poem

Curated by Kirsty Gbasai / APBM, Visuals by IMPATV, Sound by Escape From The North.

Direct link to An Ode to Cycling on YouTube

Listen to a voice recording of the poem here

Thank you to;

Dan, Brian, Saz, Ciarán, Helen, Pauline, Alison, Kaz, Jermyn, Col, Jude, Fran, Laura, AndyN, Lucy, Steve, Debbie, Knowmadiq*, Sue, Heather, Anna, Phoebe, Eli & Uma, Ged and others that have chosen to remain anonymous – without you this poem would not exist…

The final poem was projected on the wall of the Station South tunnel, accompanied by live music by Escape From The North as part of Station South’s and MIF’s Out of Hours event on Saturday 28th September 2019.

*Featured Sentence Credit