Social Media Tests by Edith Marion

I’m not being rude (or maybe I am).
But I keep reading shallow posts that makes me think… Damn!!

“…I’ll like 100 pages just because you request…”
Without any consideration, (it) could be worse, or be the best.
But we’re all practising the same thing so it’s more of a test,
To see who can get the most “likes” in this social media fest.

“…I’ve got some skills which I need to promote.”
Though you might be more like sheep and less of a GOAT.
Setting sail on the oceans using a broken fishing boat.
“…I’ll delete you if you don’t like my page.”
Is that the threat as you gloat?

So, my message to you is, press that delete, all the same.
I write because I love it and it keeps me in, sane.
I would like to earn some money but I do not want any fame.
I am complete, full 360, so I don’t have anything to gain,
From people knowing my name or indulging in childish games.
If this doesn’t work out for me, there’s only one person I can blame.
Same way, if I miss that bus and I still don’t have time to train,
I can’t bitch about getting wet without an umbrella in the rain…

Edith Marion