Go Team Yarn!


Just wanted to reach out say a huge thank you to those that could attend Friends Meeting House last night and an equally huge thanks to those that couldn’t, as without your input this poem would not exist!

We had a great time discussing the poem project so far, reading the poem aloud and sharing  ideas for the next phase. For me personally, it was a magical experience to put faces to sentences and to hear such great ideas, shared vision and enthusiasm for the project! Go Team Yarn! 🙂

Out of the 245 lines submitted only 109 have been used in the final poem, this is not because of a lack of quality within the sentences (they are all unique and wonderful!) it is purely to aid the flow of the poem and to make it readable within 6 minutes, rather than over 20 minutes!

All of the sentences omitted from the final poem will be used as stand-alone sentences within the next phase of the project – watch this space!

Those that have contributed, please see your email for a more in-depth update and a link / password to the poem.

To our other readers, thank you for your support! We will have a public reveal in 2019!