Ego vs Ego (Food for thought) by Edith Marion

For the love of money is the root of all evil?
Yet that evil has to be pursued just to live as people…?
People work to pay for things, in an attempt to feel equal.
But no-one feels equal just that after life there’s a sequel.
Well, if they sub-consciously follow the Sun’s wise path, deasil, that is and try not to fall off because then they will seem feeble, habit..?
What if, like the Matrix, none of this bullshit is even really real?
Damn it! And we’re just struggling to struggle whilst trying to heal.

Could it be that our egos are the roots of all our problems and that our egos make it impossible for us to be capable, to solve them or even halve them..? So we just starve them, unmark them then Cart man, off hoping to spark them into a riot act, dishevelled and disheartened..