Covid – 19

Corona, Corona, you guessed, I’m not talking about the beer
Of course, I’m referring to the virus and the dreaded fear
China, Italy, Spain and figures now rising rapidly in the UK
Boris your decisions should have been quicker, I’m sorry to have to say

Self-isolate, and regularly keep washing your hands
Soap and water is always available, these are NOT in demand.
Watch out for the symptoms, a dry cough or temperature
Call the helpline if your worried, at the moment, there is no cure
Stay hydrated, take paracetamol and keep yourself strong
This is now a pandemic, I only wish they were wrong.

Look after the vulnerable, the elderly or those that have ill health
Don’t go panic buying, it’s not about yourself!
Don’t be selfish, there’s really NO reason to be greedy
Just stop and think about other people, especially the needy
People fighting over toilet roll, hand gel, bread and pasta
Supermarkets have had to limit stock, including Morrisons and Asda.

If you do need to isolate, take care, and take up a new craft
Don’t go out unless you need to, please don’t be so daft!
Schools and businesses are closed, people are working from home
Try and help your neighbours, especially the ones that live alone
Some won’t be able to get out, to buy even basic food
So please at this time, let’s all muck in and help, lighten the mood.

Take this opportunity to enjoy your family, play games, or even cook
Chill, relax, watch films, or even indulge yourself in a book
Whatever you choose, stay safe, and remember to remain calm
If we ALL listen to the advice, it will help reduce, the long term harm.

We are all in this together, and it’s not going to be forever
Let’s welcome the advice from other countries, instead of saying never
We are the UK, this won’t defeat us, so let’s all unite and stay strong
If we are ALL sensible about self-isolating, then it won’t be around long.

It’s causing an economic crisis, some people won’t receive a wage
It’s affecting everyone around us, never mind your age
The stock market is plunging to the lowest its been in a while
People are holding there shares, and keeping them on file.
The markets will eventually bounce back, it WILL take a few years…
I know that doesn’t help people today, it’s just adding even more fears.

Sit and think about the NHS, and ALL the workers on the front line
Most of the medical staff are exhausted, this really isn’t fine
Remember they are only human and are working night and day
So when this crisis is over, let’s hope they receive an increase in pay.

Corona Virus 19


Sharon Batchelor March 2020



We are what we are

The first city where our fathers were taken from us

We are built on blood, sweat and industrialisation

Places where we walk over bones

Over the mass graves of past times

We people solid as steel

Busy as bees

Quick as computers

Sometimes as rough as nails

We are blue, we are red and we are so much more

Always expanding

The 3rd largest airport

That welcomes faces from many lands

The Seattle of England

We sing through rainy skies

“You can’t take Manchester out of me!”

and the heavens open up above the city

A bright light emerges from the longest tunnel of darkness

Its spirit holds you and tells you

You are home.

Ego vs Ego (Food for thought) by Edith Marion

For the love of money is the root of all evil?
Yet that evil has to be pursued just to live as people…?
People work to pay for things, in an attempt to feel equal.
But no-one feels equal just that after life there’s a sequel.
Well, if they sub-consciously follow the Sun’s wise path, deasil, that is and try not to fall off because then they will seem feeble, habit..?
What if, like the Matrix, none of this bullshit is even really real?
Damn it! And we’re just struggling to struggle whilst trying to heal.

Could it be that our egos are the roots of all our problems and that our egos make it impossible for us to be capable, to solve them or even halve them..? So we just starve them, unmark them then Cart man, off hoping to spark them into a riot act, dishevelled and disheartened..