A Poem by Manchester is a project to create, document and archive a series of poems, created online one sentence at a time by resident communities in Manchester.

It all began in 2018 with an idea to crowd-source a poem by residents of Manchester, united in writing a poem to capture and document the cities creativity.

The projects first poem titled ‘Yarn’ was created between May & August 2018 and attracted 218 people from all over Manchester, who combined, delivered a total of 245 sentences and thus created a truly unique and diverse piece of writing.

To view the poem Yarn please contact yarn@apoembymanchester.co.uk.

If you are a community group interested in being part of A Poem By Manchester and want to both create and document your own poem online, please email admin@apoembymanchester.co.uk for further information.


Station South – An Ode To Cycling