A Poem by Manchester is a project to create, document and archive a series of poems, created online one sentence at a time by resident communities in Manchester.

"Contributing to the poem was an enriching experience since it was a visible way of feeling part of something with a degree of permanence in a world which is in a constant state of flux. Manchester is not just a place but a mindset. The Yarn poem is a perfect example of that philosophy."
Yarn Contributor

Recent Poems

YARN - Unique, diverse and epic sized poem created by 218 strangers throughout Manchester between May and August 2018.
Out of Hours Station South MIF
AN ODE TO CYCLING - A poem created by cycling lovers for Station South's Out of Hours disco event, co produced with MIF as part of their Festival in My Neighbourhood series.

Take part

Interested in creating your own online poem for your community or event or adding your own poem to the archive?

Please  email :  kirsty@apoembymanchester.co.uk